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There’s a lot to worry about in life, the roof over your head shouldn’t be one of them, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty !

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Are you experiencing a roofing issue? We are your local El Paso County Colorado Roofing solution. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an estimate, repair or replacement, you’ve found the right people for the job. 

Professional Quality Service

You wouldn't let just anyone work on the roof over your head! Make sure that you are partnering with professionals that provide a quality service in a reliable manner.

Reliable Workmanship

We want you to be in LOVE with your new roof so below we offer some outstanding ways to make sure you choose the perfect color for your home

Class 4 impact
resistant system specialist

Here in Colorado Springs and El Paso County as a whole, we are tucked in an environment known for their hail storms. Every year it seems a different part or multiple areas of town are hit hard with severe weather. Make sure you’re prepared and repaired if necessary. 


We specialize in Class 4 Impact Resistant Roofing Systems. Ask for a Roof System on your next re-roofing project and how you can get a discount on your insurance..

Quality Roof Systems

We work with your insurance to ensure you get paid what you deserve on your claim. We also provide FREE estimates for repairs and cash bids.
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Gutters are critical for ensuring that water is diverted off of your roof and we can install everything from basic to high end copper gutters.

Quality Gutters

We work with your insurance to ensure you get paid correctly for replacement gutters. We also provide FREE estimates for repairs and cash bids.
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Whether it is a Roof Certification or a Roof Tune up, you can rely on us to take care of you and your clients on your next real estate transaction.

Every Great Realtor needs a Great Roofer on their team

We provide information on roofs and don’t try to slow down your transactions. We are there for you whenever you need us.
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Insurance Agents

We take care of your clients and help them avoid making unnecessary insurance claims that could impact their rates negatively and cause their premiums to go up.

Every Great Insurance Agent needs a Great Roofer on their team

We will never push for a homeowner to make a claim if they don’t need it. Have a roofer on standby that you can trust.
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We help you build
the best roof

Most of the time Great Dane Roofing tears off the existing roof and puts the brand-new roof system on within one day. Are you in a rush? Maybe have to make a closing deadline? We can run through the whole process from start to finish within 3 days just based on the insurance company

 Talking about the cost of a roof is like talking about the cost of an automobile. There are so many different variables like material type, size, slope, styles, and even location that it is impossible to come up with a number without seeing the roof beforehand.

Every scenario can be different but the most important thing you need to know about roofs is that they can be repaired. One leak doesn’t mean we need to tear everything down and start from scratch. One leak or even multiple can be patched and repaired. However, every case is different! 

Make sure that you’re working with someone who is local, licensed and insured. Since we are an area known for severe weather, we are also well know to “storm chasers” from out of state. Don’t get caught in a situation that’s hard to get out of, always call us for a another set of eyes to take a look. 

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