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Great Dane Roofing  was established in May of 2018 . We are based out of Colorado Springs and work throughout many of the Colorado local counties. The business is centered around excellence in every piece of the roof.

You may be asking your self where to even start but we are here to make the process as smooth as possible for you. The first step to a brand new roof is making the call or clicking on the “Schedule a free roof inspection” link below. The goal of these two options is to schedule a good time to for us to come check out your situation and build a quote.

FREE roof inspections

We offer 48-hour turnaround roof inspections whether you just want to be proactive about your home, if you have endured a hailstorm, have a leak, or anything else. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and going above and beyond for clients so we love to offer 100% free inspections.

Full Reroofs

Great Dane Roofing loves to do full reroofs including replacing a roof for hail/wind damage or if you just want to transform the look of your home. Our outstanding team is composed of great people who are extremely focused on not just great quality but great customer service. We are committed to putting an outstanding new roof on so we automatically upgrade our shingles, underlayment, vents, and many other important components that band together to protect your home.

Roof repairs

Great Dane Roofing does roof repairs! Give us a call and let us know your situation and schedule a free inspection ASAP so we can get your roof back in tip top shape.

Roof Tune ups

A roof tune up is a great way of making sure your roof is ready to fight against the tuff Colorado weather conditions. A Great Dane Roofing roof tune up would start off with one of our free roof inspections to determine the condition of the roof. From that point we will talk to the homeowner and explain what we saw on the roof. Often times most roofs just need some minor resealing done to make them top
notch and ready to fight a storm.


Your experience is our guarantee

We pride ourselves on great customer service so If you have any questions, issues, or concerns please feel free to contact us. If you like your experience with us we ask that you please help us grow by giving us a review and telling your friends. 

Dan Kibler


Trenton Kibler


Class 4 impact
resistant system specialist

Here in Colorado Springs and El Paso County as a whole, we are tucked in an environment known for their hail storms. Every year it seems a different part or multiple areas of town are hit hard with severe weather. Make sure you’re prepared and repaired if necessary. 


We specialize in Class 4 Impact Resistant Roofing Systems. Ask for a Roof System on your next re-roofing project and how you can get a discount on your insurance..

Quality Roof Systems

We work with your insurance to ensure you get paid what you deserve on your claim. We also provide FREE estimates for repairs and cash bids.
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Gutters are critical for ensuring that water is diverted off of your roof and we can install everything from basic to high end copper gutters.

Quality Gutters

We work with your insurance to ensure you get paid correctly for replacement gutters. We also provide FREE estimates for repairs and cash bids.
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Whether it is a Roof Certification or a Roof Tune up, you can rely on us to take care of you and your clients on your next real estate transaction.

“Behind every great realtor is a great roofer”

As a realtor you have so many different moving parts throughout the real estate process that you have to worry about and the roof should not add to that list. That is where we come in! Our job is to make the roofing process as smooth and simple as possible.
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Insurance Agents

We take care of your clients and help them avoid making unnecessary insurance claims that could impact their rates negatively and cause their premiums to go up.

Every Great Insurance Agent needs a Great Roofer on their team

We will never push for a homeowner to make a claim if they don’t need it. Have a roofer on standby that you can trust.
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